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It was my two year old daughter's birthday last week so I made her the toddler backpack with Rae's pattern.

Pattern:  Made by Rae's Toddler Backpack

Textiles Used:  Thick Echino Linen from my stash

Sizing: Toddler
The Good:  I love it.  So cute and perfect for my daughter.  I love the piping detail especially.  It was really simple to make.  I wanted something cute, but not overly feminine.  

The Bad:  I wish that I had added interfacing to my outer fabric like she suggests in the instructions.  I thought that my fabric would be stiff enough to hold it's shape, but I think it's just a little too flimsy.

Changes Made: none

Conclusion: Awesome result.  I highly recommend it.


  1. This is so cuuute. That fabric looks fantastic, and the piping looks superb!

  2. ooh YAY! Super cute.

    I always think it will be stiff enough w/out the interfacing too, and then it's like D-OH!

    So glad you liked it!!!

  3. Kelli,
    This is really cute! I love the fabric and the color you chose for the piping, zipper, and straps.

  4. Oh, what a cute bag!! I love the colors of the fabric, and I'm just wondering: What does your daughter put in it? My daughter uses hers for dolls and books. I occasionally find some random thing I've been looking for in there too! ; )

    1. thanks everyone. Vanessa - I actually havn't given it to my daughter yet. She is gone on a short trip, but I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow. I am guessing I will put some coloring books and snacks in there for when we go to church or on outings. I actually can't wait to see what she puts in there.

  5. Kelli - It's Rikki (Purdy) Hein and I just did a little searching to find you on the internet. I figured you had a current blog out there. Anyway, just wanted to say HOLY COW you're amazing! I knew you were so talented, but man. I'm going to send my mom the link. I'm totally impressed.

    Also, when do you guys move to NYC? Me and my husband (+ baby) live in Philly. It would be fun to see you and Tyson again! Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Maybe I should've found an email address instead of writing in the comments... oh well. :)