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December 27, 2013

I hope that everyone is having a joyous holiday season.  I know that it has been a wonderful time for my family to be together, relax, and contemplate on the many blessings that we have.  Wishing you and yours the same.



December 5, 2013
When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I knew exactly what I wanted – a pair of “big girl panty” fabric shears.  I’m not talking about the ones that you pick up in the checkout line of Jo-Anns (which is what I currently use), but a real pair that you never cut paper with, get sharpened regularly, and keep for many many years.

The problem is that the only thing that I know about these kinds of scissors is that they are expensive, so I decided to do a little research and here is what I learned :

– Seamstresses LOVE Ginghers.

– Alot of sewers prefer to have a large pair (8″) for fabric and a small pair for thread.

– You should sharpen your scissors “often” but we seldom do.  Should cost less than $10 to do so.

OK now I need your expertise.  What fabric scissors do you recommend?  Where should I purchase them?  And how should I take care of them?



November 20, 2013

Hi friends.  I feel like life has got me going crazy right now behind the scenes which has resulted in some silence on the blog.  I do have fun things going on though so I thought I would give you a little peek.

First of all Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking had me over to her blog yesterday talking about my bow front Megan Nielsen dress as part of her 7 Days of Holiday Party Dresses Series.  If you havn’t seen it yet go and check it out along with all of the other fun dresses.

Also, I have been working with Rachel of Boo Dogg and Me on a Sew Bossy Initiative.  She has been very patient with me as this is taking me forever to finish.  The pattern has needed some significant alterations which has got me dragging my feet.  Here is a little peek at the fabric and pattern before I cut into them.  Any guesses on what I am making?  Should be showing off the finished product very soon.

Finally the 2013 Holiday Ornament Exchange is underway as well.  I am SO excited about all of the bloggers (some old some new) participating this year.  I will also be opening it up to readers who want to participate.  Details coming by the end of the week.

OK, I guess that is it.  Talk soon.



October 25, 2013

My mom is a quilter and she is good at it.  She is mathematical, precise, and loves nothing more than a perfectly fitting right angle.  She spends so much time on her projects that she can justify the finest fabrics and expects the most beautiful outcome.  We had a costume chest when I was young which contained beautifully made capes and ballerina costumes, not to mention perfect drawstring trick or treat bags to contain our spoils.  The wonderful thing about this is that these impeccably made items have lasted through the years.  My nieces and nephews still wear the capes and my children carry the same trick or treat bags.  She was able to truly share her talent for quality sewing with many children through these costumes.  I wonder if this is how most of my sewing friends attack this costume making season – dedicating a lot of time and money into one of a kind items.  It’s kind of our time to shine.  Showing off our talent for friends and neighbors.

I am kinda on the opposite spectrum for a few reasons.  When I was about 8 my mother made me one of these amazing clown costumes.  I picked out the fabric with her at least a month ahead of time.  I remember a lot of bright colors and stars.  She spent many late nights making a truly quality garment to wear on Halloween and it did not disappoint.  So quality, in fact, that I felt like I should wear it for the next two years as well.  It was a little traumatizing.  An 11 year old clown is just not cute, let alone cool.  Perhaps for this reason, and others, I take a very different approach to our Halloween costumes.
You see, I feel liberated by sewing up a costume in an hour or two, nothing gets pressed, or measured, or reinforced.  It’s so satisfying to just fly by the seat of my pants.  The fabric is cheap so I don’t worry about messing anything up, I can just be creative.  I also don’t worry if the outfit lasts past Halloween because I figure my kids imaginations will be filled with something new next year.  If I’m lucky the costume will last long enough to make it into the dress up box afterwards.
I don’t think there is a right way, I am more curious what you guys do.  
Do you love sewing up beautiful Halloween costumes that will last through the ages? or
Do you prefer my approach of fast and dirty costume making that has a bit of the “home made” flair?


September 18, 2013

I decided to create some social media that is specific for my blog so that I can share some of the stuff that never makes it to the blog (and you can decide what way you want to connect with True Bias).

You can now follow True Bias through both Facebook and Instagram by clicking here and here or through the favicons on the right.

See you around!