July 2, 2013

Hi! I’m Rachel and I blog at Boodogg and Me. I began writing my blog in 2009 and it was initially about my dog, Bess (aka Boo) and me, and my sewing endeavours. Bess is still going strong but after some initial interest in being a part of a sewing blog, she has extricated herself from the sewing-blogging scene. Instead she prefers to chase her ball, chew on bones, go for long walks, and sleep in the sun. Sounds good. These days I’m working part-time doing research for police, being a mum to my darling 2-year-old Little M, and SEWING!
Over the past few years my sewing has progressed from being an occasional event where I sewed something pretty fancy – for example a cute vintage dress that has limited wearability – to something I do to kit my entire wardrobe out (and sew things like quilts, toys, and kids clothes). Because I buy very few clothes anymore, and instead sew for everyday wear, I am a ‘Repeat Pattern Offender’ (RPO) of excellent patterns. I sew the same patterns over and over. I just figure if it suits me, is easy enough to wear, and can incorporate my favourite sewing elements (i.e., natural fibres, prints, hide child-related stains, can be worn to the park and to a play-date, and can be somewhat trans-seasonal), then why not sew it again? You can always change the look of the garment by choosing different fabrics each time or slight design changes – like I did with my Liberty Gabby Dress that I made sleeveless and made into a drop-waisted design with a bottom ruffle. I love that dress.
That’s why when Kelli (thanks Kelli! I am so honoured!) asked me to write a Tried and True piece for her blog I ummed and ahhed for a while. I have so many Tried and Trues. In the end I thought it would be a good idea to choose my current T&T – a winter garment that is very easy to sew, uses minimal fabric, and is ‘trendy’ – it has the skinny line of ‘trendy’ pants and can either use a print or a solid, and the fit is so ridiculously forgiving I could wear them every day and everywhere. That’s right…. They are the Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants, all made in ponti I bought from Tessuti.
I have made 4 pairs now. I should probably stop, but I’m not promising anything.

My first pair is my Bleach Boys Pair. The fabric is so thick and lovely. It springs back perfectly. For this pair I made a straight 10 with no changes bar lengthening them about 5cm.
My second pair is a Plain Black Pair. The ponti is super thick – think scuba-type material. I actually made this fabric into a pair of Palazzo Pants that looked horrible – not enough drape in this fabric. So I refashioned them into the Anitas. I made the size 10 but they ended up falling down – saggy ponti pants are not a good look. So I cinched them in to what I would estimate to be about a size 6. Lots of excess fabric there.

My third pair is my Streaks of Thunder Pair – I haven’t blogged these yet!. Not too many changes here – the ponti behaves very well. I made the size 10 and simply tapered in very slightly on the outer legs.
My fourth (and final!) pair is a 1m remnant of ponti called ‘Look For It’ I picked up at Tessuti. This pair gets the least wear and I haven’t blogged them yet either – mostly because I don’t wear a lot of brown, and don’t wear yellow at all. I do love them though, and made the size 10 with no alterations.

I was so happy to have Rachel on the blog today.  I have watched her make many of the Tessuti patterns and have loved them from afar.  I am especially jealous that she lives close enough to visit and even take classes from Tessuti.  Maybe in my next life 🙂  Thank you Rachel for showing off your ponti pants.  I am especially digging those bleach boy pants.  I feel inspired.  I think I need to make some up this fall.

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  • Reply Michelle July 2, 2013 at 10:27 AM

    I can see why you’re so drawn to this pattern. The pants look perfectly wearable and really comfortable! Thanks for sharing your T&T! I can’t wait to check out more of your pr0jects on BooDog and Me!

  • Reply gingermakes July 2, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    Cute!!! These are awesome!

  • Reply Rachel July 2, 2013 at 6:49 PM

    Thanks so much for featuring me Kelli! I really enjoyed doing this!

  • Reply Cirque Du Bebe July 3, 2013 at 4:36 AM

    So happy to see Boodog and Me on Tried and True. I’ve loved following Rachel’s blog since forever ever.

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