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I can't believe that 2012 is coming to a close and that I have been blogging for almost a full year.  It's fun to look back and see all of the friends I have made, clothing I have made, and things I have learned.  It really has been a great year.

Here are my top 5 sewn items this year.  It was hard to choose.

#1 - Darling Ranges Dress with a bow - This might be my very favorite item in my closet.  It was the first time I had sewn with pure silk - there was a learning curve to be sure.  I always get compliments on it when I wear it.  It's just the perfect blend of feminine, vintage and modern for me.

# 2 - McCalls 6044 Men's Dress Shirt - It has been very satisfying to finally sew something for my husband.  He still wears this top all of the time and I love how professional it turned out.  I should really make him another one.

#3 - Tie Dye Mission Maxi Dress - This was a fun one from beginning to end.  It was cool to feel like I truly had something one of a kind because I not only sewed the garment, but also created the fabric pattern.  Plus it's SO comfy.

#4 - Black and Yellow Vintage Blazer - This has been a cool project for me because I made it from a vintage jacket that I took apart and turned into a pattern.  This has also been a staple in my wardrobe while I've been pregnant.

#5 - Megan Nielsen's Ruched Maternity Skirt - LOVE this skirt.  It's pretty hard to feel sexy when you are 9 months pregnant, but this skirt makes me feel sexy.  I love showing off that baby bump instead of hiding it.  This has been a big hit in my pregnant wardrobe.



I really hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday and enjoying some sweet family time.  I know that is what I am doing for the next few days.  Thanks for reading, sewing, and commenting.

Happy holidays from my family to yours!



Over the last couple of weeks I have loved opening my mailbox in hopes that one of my ornaments would be arriving.  I agree with the saying "good things come in small packages" as this certainly was true of all of the sweet ornaments that I have recieved this month.  Unfortunately we decided not to get a Christmas tree this year (they are CRAZY expensive to buy in the city) so instead we hung all of our ornaments on our new (made by us) chandelier.  I think it's pretty majical.

Just as a reminder here are all of the awesome ladies for participated this year.  Go check out their blogs this morning too to see how they decorated with their ornaments.

Sonja of
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I finished my sister's Gaptastic Cowl in the wee hours of the night and sent it off this morning.  I managed to snap a few iphone pics before I wrapped it.  I am pretty excited about the way it turned out.  It really is the perfect beginner project.  I plan on making another one for myself in a mustard color. 

My only complaint is that the 2 skeins of yarn that it suggests only made a 10 inch wide cowl (instead of the 15 inches in the description).  It is plenty wide enough, but I think I will buy 3 skeins next time to make it extra bulky and fun.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn in a Turquoise color.

For those of you who are true beginners like me, here are some youtube videos that really helped me through the whole process:

Gap Cowl Knit-Along :

Adding a New Ball of Yard :

Binding Off :

Weaving in Ends :



 I try to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible.  I have had this American Apparel Helvetica tee on my pinterest board for awhile as an easy DIY project and decided that it would make an awesome DIY Christmas for my nieces and nephews.

- fabric paint (make sure it's fabric and not acrylic)
- t shirt or onesie
- sponge brush
- freezer paper
- computer/printer
- xacto knife
- iron

Step 1
Cut out a piece of freezer paper to 8 1/2 x 11 inches.  Prepare your letters on your computer with a program such as photoshop, illustrator, or word.  Print directly onto the rough side of your freezer paper.  Using an xacto knife cut out your letters.

Step 2
Iron the outline of your letters onto your shirt (measure to make sure it's centered correctly).

Step 3
Put something such as a piece of cardboard on the inside of your shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through.  Using your sponge brush and paint carefully paint inside your letters.  Let dry (or blow dry) and repeat.  I did three coats for mine.

Step 5
Let dry (or blow dry) and peel off freezer paper.  Put a pressing cloth over the letters and press to set paint.



Last night I attended Pattern Review's 11th birthday party at Elliott Berman's in the fashion district.  It was really fun to talk sewing, fabrics, meet other sewists/bloggers, and enjoy good food.

Elliott Berman's is a great store with beautiful fabric that I probably wouldn't have fallen into on my own.  Apparently they mostly do wholesale orders, but you can still walk up and buy fabric off the bolt too.  I will be back for sure.  They have an impressive selection.

Here are a few pics of the night:

Me and Peter of Male Pattern Boldness (he's just as nice in person as he seems on his blog)

Participating in a "Guess the fiber of the swatch" contest which I failed miserably at.

Me and Leu at the end of the night.  Thanks Leu for letting me know about this.  It was awesome to meet you in person!



Whenever it gets cold outside I start to get the itch to knit something.  I've only knitted a few things in my life - a couple of scarves and hats.  So I definitely consider myself a beginner.  Here are a few beginner and intermediate patterns that I have my eye on.  I think that the holidays are the perfect time to do some knitting - so much sitting around and watching movies/talking.  Perhaps I will go out and buy some yarn this week to get started.  Maybe I can even finish something in time for a gift?

1. GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley

2. Siksakmyssy by Kristel Nyberg

3. Super Soft Merino Baby Hat by Purl Bee

4. Father and Son Knit Ties by Purl Soho

5. Storytime Scholar by Lisa Chemery (OK maybe this one isn't really beginner, but maybe after I make the others I can handle this one.)



My sister, Rian, was in town for about 24 hours earlier this week and so of coarse we went to Mood Fabrics.  Thank you Rian for all of these awesome iphone pics of the trip.  It was so much fun.

Swatch taking a nap.

A self portrait as we ate some delicious cookies outside of Levain bakery.

My child on the subway after 4 bribery lollipops, cookies and no nap.

I did buy some fabric that I am really excited about.

These are two sweater knits that I am hoping to make big cardigan, cape type items out of.

And this was a really awesome, structured, swimwear fabric that I just couldn't pass up.  I am going to save this to make a retro inspired swimsuit next summer.



All of my ornaments from the ornament exchange were sent out on Tuesday.  To save a little cash I decided to upcycle some Trader Joe's paper bags that I had lying around.  I thought I would share the idea with you in case anyone else gets overwhelmed by the cost of shipping so many gifts at the holidays.

Here are a few pics of the process:



I started this blog almost a year ago, so I thought that it would be fun to end the year doing something fun with some of the bloggers who have meant a lot to me over the last year.  All of these ladies are amazing at what they do and inspire me.

What we did is we all made enough ornaments for all participating (nine in total).  The ornaments had to be handmade and we are all posting our tutorials today.  Then we send out the ornaments to one another so each get eight beautiful, handmade ornaments over the next few weeks.  Fun right?

Here are all of the ladies participating (make sure to go and check out their tutorials today as well):

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Tutorial for my handmade peacoat ornament:


-square of felt
-matching thread
-sewing machine
-handsewing needle
-black thread
-black seed beads
-fabric glue
-small piece of lining fabric
-copper wire
-pattern (click on the pattern photo below to enlarge and print it)

Step 1
Cut out your pattern.

Step 2
With right sides together sew shoulder seams.
*all seam allowances are 1/16"

Step 3
With right sides together sew the tops of the sleeve to the arm hole.

Step 4
With right sides together sew the sleeve and side seams up from wrist to hem.

Turn right side out and iron flat with steam.

Step 6
Tack the straight side of the collar piece to the back neck of the coat. (either by machine or hand stitch)

Step 7
Create collar by folding down the back over the seam, and bringing the top corners of the collar down to meet the angles of the pea coat.  Use fabric glue to tack in place.  (this may take a little working until it lays right)

Step 8
Take your lining fabric, fold down 1/4" and press.  Open coat and glue into the inside so that it covers the neck seam.

Step 9
Glue on pocket pieces.


Step 10
Using thread and needle, sew on "buttons" (seed beads) on pockets and six to breast of coat.

Using pliers, form copper wire into a small hanger using my guide provided (or just make it up as you go:) Insert into coat and glue coat shut.