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I recently finished a few baby girl dresses and bloomers for some friends who are having girls soon.  Like I said in an earlier post New Look 6576 is my go to pattern for baby girl gifts.  The only change that I make to it is that I line the entire dress instead of just the top.  It's such a classic pattern and easy to customize to the tastes of whomever I am making it for.

I also tried a new pattern this time too.  I used SeeKateSew's free pattern for these ruffle top diaper covers.  It's a sweet little pattern that is easy to sew up and I think a perfect pairing to the dress.  I am thinking this is going to become a new go to for baby showers from now on as well.



I finished my muslin for the angled blazer McCalls 6611 this weekend and I am pretty excited about the fit.  It sewed up super easy and I think it it's going to be awesome once it's done.  I made a size 10 even though I measured closer to a 12 and I think that was a good call.

I am going to make a few changes however.  

1 - Slim out the sleeve by about 1/2".  There is a ton of extra ease in the sleeve so it should be pretty easy to do.

2 - Raise the waistline in the front.  I have a pretty short torso and the waistline seems to angle down in the front a bit.  I am going to raise that by about 1/2" as well.

3 - Lengthen the peplum in the back.  The peplum in the back gets really short.  In fact, I am pretty sure that once it's hemmed it won't cover the top of my jeans so I am going to lengthen the hem by at least an inch if not more.

All of that being said, I tried the muslin on with my prego belly and it looks ridiculous.  Rather than risk making it now and it not fitting correctly after the baby comes I am going to tuck this muslin away to make in the spring.  I love the fabric too much to risk it.  I promise though that you will be seeing this again in about 4 months.



I have recently given in and bought some maternity jeans at H&M and of coarse my first thought as soon as I put them on was - Why did I wait so long?  Unfortunately, like everything I buy ready to wear, they were way too long for my 5'3" frame so I needed to hem them.  And I took pics along the way to show you step by step how I did it.

-sewing machine
-matching thread
-marking tool (chalk)

Before you start make sure that your jeans have been washed and dried on the highest heat.  There is nothing worse than hemming your pants and then having them shrink later on.

Step 1
Try on your jeans right side out and fold them where you would like the hem to end.  Put in a few pins to secure the fold.

Step 2
Take off your jeans and measure from your fold to the original hem (mine was 3 1/2 inches).  Make sure that both legs measure the same.  If not adjust them so they do.

Step 3
Make a marking with your chalk or marker 1 1/8" up from the fold line (the extra 1/8" is to accomodate the turn of the fabric).

Step 4
Take out pins, unfold hem, and turn your pants inside out.  Cut along your markings.

Fold up your hem by 1/2" and press.

Step 6
Fold again, this time the width of the first fold, and press and pin.

Step 7
Turn your pants right side out.  Lengthen your stitch length by a bit (I changed mine from 2.5 to 3) for topstitching.  Stitch at 1/2" backstitching at both ends.

Press and wear!

Here I am loving my new, perfect for me length, maternity jeans.

And just for fun a belly shot.



I have actually finished a couple of projects lately that I need to show you, I just havn't gotten around to photographing them yet.  So I thought that I would show you what I have been working on lately so you don't think that I am a total slacker.

New Look 6576 and SeeKateSew's Ruffle Top Diaper Cover

This is my go to pattern when it comes to girl baby gifts.  I have probably made it 10 times.  I have a ton of friends having girls right now so I have been making up a few versions of this dress using some fun fabric that I ordered from JoAnns and some mint green lining.  I have made it enough times that it takes me only one nap time start to finish to make one. 
I am also trying out SeeKateSews awesome free pattern for a ruffle top diaper cover to go with it.  I am at a bit of a standstill until I can get to a store that carries thread and buttons (harder than you would think around here).  So I am planning a little trip to the garment district soon.

McCalls 6611

I finally cut out my muslin for the angled blazer.  I am going to have to rely heavily on my dressform for this one since I am expecting (although I totally plan on wearing it open while pregnant too).  I am expecting this one to be a bit of a handful which is why I think I have been so reluctant to get started.  Hopefully I am wrong.



I had my ultrasound this week and we found out that we are having a boy.  I can't believe it.  Maybe because I only have a girl, but in my mind all things baby are girl.  I was very surprised.  Plus the thought of anything male coming out of me kinda blows my mind.  I am really having to wrap my brain around this.

It's really great though because I love to plan and make things and not only can I give away most of my daughters baby stuff now without too much guilt, but I now have a whole new world of boy stuff that I have never really looked at.

We are pretty excited around here!




Today is the day for the reveal of the trouser refashion swap that I did with the following awesome ladies.  Kate of See Kate Sew had me for her refashion.  She is also expecting so she knew how important it was to make something with a little growing room and of coarse a stretchy maternity waistband - a must for me these days.  My favorite part are the pockets.  Everything is better with pockets in my opinion.  Here are a few pics of me wearing the skirt (so sorry for the bad pics, my photographer hasn't been home during daylight hours of late).

To see the original trousers that she started with go here.

And check out all of the other ladies refashions on their blogs too.  They should all be up sometime this morning.

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