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It seems like all of the fall patterns are out from the big 4 pattern companies.  I thought I would let you guys know which ones I am loving and planning on making.

Vogue 1314


 I love this dress.  So comfy and figure flattering.  Not to mention the ruching around the waist.  I think this is a perfect jersey dress for my  growing baby bump.  I plan on making it with a little extra fabric in the front to accomodate.  Did you see Mimi's version?


I love this new maxi dress pattern and the one side drape.  There are also shorter versions, which may be more practical, but I think this long one is so amazing.  The pattern says it could work with both a woven or knit fabric.

This is one of the fashion star patterns and it is on my list to make up the aztec inspired fabric that I bought at the garment district last weekend.  I will definitely be making a muslin of this one first.  I am hoping that it looks better than the picture on the pattern cover.


Another one of the fashion star patterns, and another one that I think that I could wear during maternity.  I originally looked past this pattern, but then I saw Gingermakes version and I can't get it out of my head.  I think it would be pretty amazing as a tunic as well.


I love this pattern for my daughter.  I think that the cut is really modern.  I havn't bought this one yet, but I keep on thinking about it.  I am usually really disappointed with kids patterns from the big 4 so this was a pleasant surprise.



As I mentioned yesterday, I bought a bit of fabric at the garment district on Saturday.  Now that I am pregnant my plans have changed (no peplum blouses around here) and I am really trying to make clothing that will grow with me and that feels comfortable and flattering.

This black and white cotton print fabric (it feels like a linen blend perhaps?) is going to be a blazer using the same blazer pattern that I made using a thrifted blazer awhile back that I used to make my chambray blazer.  Gingermakes actually found this fabric and bought the same fabric in an orange/red.  Copying is the best form of flattery right?  It subtly reminds me of kente cloth without being too blatant.

Since it was a black and white print I thought that it would be fun to use a bright color for the lining.  I am going with this yellow/green lining that I found at Mood fabrics.  I actually already cut this fabric out and will hopefully have a jacket to show you by the end of the month.  I am pretty excited about this one.

I have definitely had blazers on the mind lately.  I love a pregnant woman in a structured blazer.  Plus it is something I can wear after the baby is born too.  I fell in love with the new fashion star angled jacket pattern and when I saw this aztec inspired linen I knew it would be that jacket right away.  I am still waiting for the pattern to get here in the mail.  (sorry it's so wrinkly, I just washed it so it needs a good ironing)

Pattern - McCalls 6611 Fashion Star

I know this one is pretty boring, but it's this kind of thing that I know that I will wear all of the time.  Last time I was pregnant I wanted to wear black all of the time.  So I am assuming this time will be no different.  I bought this soft bamboo knit from Mood fabrics to make a knee length tshirt dress.  I just know it's the kind of thing that I will wear everyday.  Sometimes practical sewing is the best sewing.

That is all I got.  I had a really hard time making decisions.  It was so overwhelming.  I should be good for a little while, but am excited to go again soon!



I had such an awesome time on Saturday meeting up with these seven other sewing bloggers for shopping, eating, and talking in the garment district.  I am pretty sure that I have never talked so much about sewing in one day in my life before.

Here are the blogs for the other ladies who attended:

Here are some pics of the adventure.  I wish that I had taken more.  Most of what you are seeing were taken by Gingermakes - who is a lot more diligent about capturing the moment than I am.

I am really hoping for another meetup again soon.  It was a blast.  I also can't wait to show you what I bought - not nearly as much as I was planning, but I am pretty excited about my finds.  More on that tomorrow!



You make have already seen it over on Gingermakes, but a few of us are meeting up this Saturday to do some fabric shopping in the garment district. (If you live in the NYC area please join us.)

Although, yes, I have access to some of the best fabric shopping around living in NYC, it's still more of an ordeal to get there and actually shop than it ever was before.  I can't just jump in the car and buy those buttons I forgot at the local JoAnns for instance.  As a result I want to be very prepared for this trip. 

I put together a little document with the items on my "to sew" list, what fabric, yardage etc. that I need for them, and some pics of inspiration with each.  It's a pretty ambitious list, I realize, and I may not get anything on it, but I want to be prepared just in case.  Otherwise I worry that I will just wander around without any purpose and waste the trip being in awe of all of the options.

Here is the plan:

Fabric Shopping List

Megan Nielsen Maternity Skirt - knit fabric, 1 yd 60”, 1 ½ yds 45”, 1” wide elastic, ¼” wide elastic

Blazers - linen or cotton or ponte knit 2 yds 60”, 2 ½ 45”, lining, buttons, interfacing

tshirt maxi or knee length dresses - knit fabric 1 - 2 yds 60”

Victory patterns Roxanne tunic - light weight flowy fabric, 2 ¼  60”, 2 ½ 45”, light weight fusible interfacing ½ yd
Easy Gathered Skirts - 2 yards of cottons or rayon challis, 1” wide elastic

Thick cardi / wrap - ponte or other thick knit/wool blend - 2-3

So I am curious.  How do you like to shop for fabric.  Do you go in with a strict list, or do you wander and let the fabric inspire you?



I have tried to hide it and wait as long as possible, but I just can't hide it anymore.  If you have wondered why I have been MIA for so long, it's been a small part moving and packing, and a large part being in my first trimester of pregnancy.  The thought of blogging, let alone sewing, seemed way too daunting for the last few months.  But I am feeling so much better and am excited to be back!

I am about 15 weeks and am due during the first week of February.  We are thrilled.



We are here, finally, and I can't believe it.  The last little bit has been a blur of packing, saying goodbye, driving a huge truck across many states, arriving, unpacking, and exploring the city.  We already love it here and can't wait to make it home.  Here are some photos of the last couple of weeks taken on my phone to document the journey.

1 - Packing up.  2 - The last time we rode in our car before selling it.

3 - The moving truck.  4 - My daughter loved sitting in the truck while it was still an option.  Once we got on the road, not so much.

5 and 6 - Exploring Central Park.

7 - Crumbs Bakery!  8 - Turtles in Central Park.

9 - The Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry.  10 - Hanging out in our train station.

* Some of you may have noticed that I have decided to start adding more personal photos to the blog including some of my daughter.  Thank you to all who commented a few weeks ago about the matter.  I have thought a lot about it and decided that I want to let you all get to know us a little better.  I promise that this will not become a family blog.  It will still mostly be about sewing and creativity, but I hope that you will enjoy getting a peak into our daily life.



I admit it, I want to be Megan Nielsen in my next life.  Doesn't she seem to have a dreamy life?  Creating a small, boutique style, personal, collection of clothing and patterns, having an adorable family, and living in Australia.

So when she asked me to test her new pattern, the Kelly skirt (great name right?) I was beyond flattered.  It was a dream to sew, just like her other pattern that I have made and I hope that you guys make one too.  In fact, I was purusing Anthropologie's website and came across this skirt that has strikingly similar lines to the Kelly skirt pattern.  Makes me want to go out an buy some leopard print to make another one.

And one of my favorite parts of the skirt, adding a fun lining for the pockets.

Pattern : Megan Nielsen's Kelly Skirt

Materials Used : A Navy Rayon Challis from Hancock's and some wooden buttons. (The pattern called for a more structured fabric, but I knew that I would be wearing it mostly in the summer so I opted for this more breathable option.)

Changes : I may have added a tiny bit of length.  I knew that I wanted it to hit right at the top of my knee.  I added length and then took some off so I am not actually sure if I added any in the long run.

What would I change next time : I might try a version in silk for a dressier option.  I also love the idea of a jean one that is a little longer for a 70s type of look.

Conclusion :  Love the pattern.  Very easy to sew (no zippers!) and great results.

What do you guys think?  Are you planning on making this pattern?



Amy of came over recently to pick up my 2 fabric bins that just would not make it in our small NYC apartment.  It was so wonderful to meet her.  Of coarse she came over wearing an adorable top that she made.  She was so friendly and lovely and it was great to just sit down and talk shop.  I only wish that we had met sooner before I was moving away.