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My husband graduated with his MBA on Friday from Northwestern University.  I am really proud of him, (and of me for making it through these two years).  This last week has been super busy with school events and family in town.  I am looking forward to a little break - and hopefully some sewing time.



My daughter is in pretty desperate need of summer dresses right now I decided to make her one out of some leftover challis from my polka dot scout tee.  I started with my free 2T Toddler swing tank pattern.  The top is exactly the same as the original pattern except that I added about 3 inches to it.  Then I added a 4 inch ruffle across the entire bottom.  Pretty much, if you can make the tank then you can easily make the dress too.

I am pretty excited about how it turned out.  I think she is going to wear it to my husband's graduation this Friday.  I still need to decide what I am going to be wearing though.



I feel like I learned a lot from MeMadeMay about what I actually wear and what I like to think that I wear.  So I am determined to keep that in consideration when making my summer wardrobe.  Here is my mood board.  This is a very rough idea.  I don't want to copy these things, but make something in this ball park.

So here it is, my sewing plan for the next 3 months :

White Scout Tee :  Boring I know.  It became very apparent during MMM that I had a big gap in my wardrobe when it came to a nice white blouse.

Tie-Dye Blouse :  I have had this blouse pinned on pinterest for awhile now.  Ever since tie-dying my maxi dress I am itching to dye something else.  I am hoping to recreate something really similar to this blouse for myself.  I am thinking maybe gray instead though.

Floral Blazer : I know - it's summer, so why am I making another blazer?  But I have worn my chambray blazer so much and I keep wishing that I had another one.  I really want to make at least one more for those breezy summer nights in a lightweight cotton.  I am really hoping for a floral, but would also love any really cool print.

Peplum Top : Another thing that I have been wanting for awhile is a peplum top.  I love this trend and want to make at least one that is airy and lightweight for summer.  Plus I love the way they look with both pencil skirts and skinny jeans.

Cap Sleeve Knee Length Jersey Dress : I just want an easy dress that I can throw on with sandals and a belt and feel polished, but also really comfy.

Statement Necklace : I know it's not sewing, but it's crafty and it's for my wardrobe.  Both my maxi and midi skirt are screaming for a statement necklace.  I feel like I can make one myself and I have seen a few tutorials of late that I will be using as well.

Large Modern Quilt :  As most of you know we are moving to NYC in a couple of months.  As a result our bedroom will most likely also be our living room.  We have never done much with our bedroom because no one else sees it, but now that it will be seen I really want it to look intentional.  I have never really quilted before or had much desire to quilt.  Mostly because quilts don't really fit my style.  But recently I have seen some really cool and simple modern quilts that I think would be awesome.  The one in the image above is from bonjour celine and is stunning.  I am not sure what I want mine to look like, but I will definitly be inspired by the color palette and lines of this one.



Back in March I decided to follow Jen from Grainline's lead and have a plan for my spring handmade wardrobe.  I was hoping it would make me more organized and purposeful in my planning.  Now that Spring is over and Summer is on I thought that it would be fun to look back at what I have made over the last three months and see how I well I stuck with my plan.

Here is the original plan :

1- Chambray Blazer
2- Flowy Midi Skirt
3- Printed Summer Scarf
4- Easy to Wear Blouses
5- Bathing Suit
6- Lace Top

Here is what I actually made :

1- Chambray Blazer - I wear it all of the time.  I love how it can go mod or vintage depending on what it is paired with.
2- Flowy Midi Skirt - I couldn't find pleated fabric anywhere so I did a gathered version instead.  I love my orange rayon challis one.
3- Printed Summer Scarf - I hand printed pint polka dots on it.
4- Easy to Wear Blouses - I already made a polka dot and a pink/navy heart version of the Grainline Scout tee.  I am so obsessed with this pattern that I am pretty sure that it will make a comeback in my handmade summer wardrobe as well.

Here is what I didn't make on the list :

5- Bathing Suit - I decided that with the move this summer and going to another big city I probably wasn't going to have a lot of swimming time.  Next summer I have a beach family reunion so I think I will make a  couple next year.

6- Lace Top - So I tried it and it was a disaster.  I think a combination of the stiffness of the lace and the pattern of my lace choice, it was just not flattering in any way.  I am pretty sure that it will become so kind of dress for my daughter.

Even though I didn't make everything on my list, I did make a few other things for myself and for my husband and daughter so I think that I did pretty good.

Coming soon - Handmade Summer Wardrobe Plans.



May is over which means that MeMadeMay is also over.  I have to admit a bit of relief that I can just put on a tshirt and jeans today, but I will also say that I learned a lot.

There has been a lot of talk in the sewing/blogging community about making more cake and less frosting. MeMadeMay has certainly made me very aware of how much frosting I have in my sewing life.  Next time that I participate in MeMadeMay I need to make some more casual items like jersey tshirts and pants.  Still, I am really glad that I wore so many of the things that I have made on a day to day basis instead of just to special events.  It was great.

Here are my last few days of MeMadeMay.  You have already seen some of these :

Sewn Item : Orange Middie Skirt

Sewn Item : Heart Woven Scout Tee

Sewn Item : Mission Maxi dress worn as skirt

Sewn item : Green Silk Maxi Skirt