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My middie skirt was a trial run for this maxi skirt.  I did make a few changes which I put below.

Pattern: None, I made this by cutting 2 rectangles and gathering them.  The width of the fabric was 45" but I cut it down to 30" at the top and then tapered it to the full width at the bottom.

Textiles Used: green silk for outer and polyester lining.  I got it all from Vogue Fabrics.

The Good:  I love it.  I love the color the silk fabric.  I have been wanting a woven maxi for awhile and am really excited to wear it.

The Bad :  It's a little hard to walk in especially when the wind is blowing.  I am still figuring out how to accessorize it.  I think I need a statement necklace or something.

Conclusion: Love the skirt and can't wait to wear it.  I am still figuring out if maxi's are just for spring/fall or if I can get away with them in the summer too.  I think I may be maxied out at the moment, but am glad that I made this.

PS I am entering this in to the patternreview natural fabrics contest.  Cross your fingers for me.



I have been wanting a good middie skirt for awhile now so I decided to put one together with some rayon challis that I bought awhile back.  It was really easy and fast.  It was also kinda a trial run for a maxi version of the same skirt that I am working on.  I wanted to make sure that the drape around the waist wouldn't be too bulky.  I should have that skirt done in a couple of days and will get some picks up right away.

Pattern: None, I made this by cutting 2 rectangles and gathering them (each were the full with of the fabric 55").  Then adding a waistband and pockets.  Very simple.

Textiles Used: orange rayon challis from  (I know I am obsessed with rayon challis right now)

The Good:  I love it.  I love the color and ease of the drape.  I am pretty excited about how it turned out.

The Bad: I might omit the pockets next time.  It made the zipper tricky to put in and added a bit of bulk to the hips.

Conclusion: I don't think that I need to make any more middie skirts right now, but am pretty excited about the lengthened version of this skirt that I am currently working on.



So it's certainly getting harder and harder to find outfits that I want to wear without repeating any outfits from earlier in the month.  I really wish that I had made some new knit tops or something so that I didn't feel like I needed to dress up in a skirt almost everyday.  Oh well.  I know for next time I guess.  It's close enough to see the finish line!

sewn item : black mission maxi dress

sewn item : revised jenny skirt (never blogged)

so this day is a bit of a stretch.  It was just one of those days when I felt fat and just didn't want to wear a skirt.  So I put on this top and cutoffs.  The top I added the stripes with freezer paper and fabric paint.  It is usually more of a bedtime shirt, but today it saw the light of day.

sewn item : another revised jenny skirt - this time in a dark jean. never blogged.

sewn item : anthro knock-off shirt.  Never blogged, but I used the same method as this top.



I had some small scraps left over from some things that I have been working on.  They weren't big enough to make a whole tank, so I color blocked them together to make one.  I also added a small pocket, but otherwise it is the same as the regular swing tank pattern.  Go here to download the pattern and make one too.



This week was certainly the hardest so far for me.  Not only were we traveling for a few of the days, but I also had a couple of days where I just never got out of my workout clothes.  I'm not the only one who has days like that right?

Sewn item : Silk Darling Ranges Dress

Upcycled item : Mustard middie skirt

Sewn item : Black Mission Maxi Dress

Sewn items : Chambray Blazer and Polka Dot Scout Woven Tee

Self Made Item : Freezer paper tshirt (in my defense I was only traveling today)



I made another version of McCalls 6044 for my husband this week.  This time I did a short sleeved version which made it a considerably shorter process.  My review is pretty much the same as the last version.  You can see it here.



I have to apologize for being a little late with this.  We ended up going camping this weekend and so I wasn't able to post before we left.  So here it is.  Week 2 of MeMadeMay.

Self made item : Chambray blazer

Self made items : Dot Woven Scout Tee and Jenny skirt variation (never blogged)

Self made item : Purple ponte knit skirt (never blogged)

Self made item : Heart woven scout tee

Self made item : Anthro knock-off cardi

Self made item : Another Jenny skirt variation (never blogged)



I bought my serger from Amazon about a month ago and so I thought that it was about time that I gave a formal review of it in case any of you are looking to invest in one too.

The Good :   I can't believe what a great deal this is. I was pretty skeptical because it was so cheap, but it had so many other great reviews so I thought I would give it a try.  I sew a lot and so have probably already made 5 garments with it and it has been great.  No tension problems (my biggest fear).  I havn't tried a lot of the extras yet, but am planning on doing some posts soon as I explore those.  I couldn't recommend this machine enough, especially for a first serger.  I am sure that eventually I may want something more fancy and sturdy, but for the time being this is all that I can afford and so I am so happy that I can have a machine that does the job for the time being.

The Bad : I will say that I can feel a big difference in sturdiness between this and my Bernina sewing machine.  I doubt that it has many metal parts - mostly plastic - which will not last as long.  It's pretty loud and shakes a lot.  My husband does not love it when I serg while he is trying to watch TV.  My biggest complaint is that it is not easily portable.  It has a dinky handle on the back and so every time I end up moving it I end up unthreading it or having pieces fall off.  I live in an apartment and don't have room for a designated sewing area so I end up moving it from the kitchen table to the closet constantly. Any suggestions?

Conclusion : Overall I would say that this is a great machine for the money you pay.  I doubt this will be my last serger, but I hope it will at least last me for 5 years and at the price I feel like that is a steal.  It has changed the way I sew to have a serger.  If I had waited to afford an expensive serger I would have had to wait for at least another couple of years so I would say that I am very happy with the purchase.



Like I mentioned before I will be posting the weeks Me Made May outfits every Friday.  You have already seen some of of these because they were newly made items that I featuring on my blog, but I thought I would post them again along with the others so that you get a more overall view of how my week went.

So far so good.  I am definitely feeling pushed to make combinations that I never thought of before.  Already a little tougher than I had imagined.

Day 1

Sewn item(s) -  Polka Dot Woven Scout Tee.

Day 2

Sewn item(s) - White Jean pencil skirt loosely based on the Jenny Skirt (never blogged)

Day 3

Sewn item(s) - Tie Dyed Mission Maxi Dress

Day 4

Sewn item(s) - Sweetheart blouse made from Simplicity 2599. (sorry that it's out of focus)



Just finished this tie dye maxi and am kinda in love with it.  I have been so excited to show you all.  So here is the finished outfit and below that you will find pics of my step by step tie dying.

Pattern : Mission Maxi by Jamie Christina

Materials Used : White knit fabric from JoAnns (sorry I am not sure what it is made of but probably some cotton/rayon/spandex blend), some Navy Blue fabric Dye, and a lot of rubber bands.

Changes : After making another version of this pattern in past, I decided that I wanted a bit more room around the bottom of the maxi.  Starting at the hips I graded out to about 2 inches on the bottom on either side of the dress (both front and back).  I really like the extra amount of fabric.  It just flows a little more and allows for easier walking.

What I would change next time : I really don't know if I need more than 2 maxi dresses, but if I do I think I will draft some sleeves and maybe a v neckline for one.

Conclusion : Love how this turned out.  Not only is this a great fashion forward pattern, but the tie dye was much easier and more fun that I anticipated.

Now for some pics/steps for making the tie dye.

1-I began by making the dress most of the way.  I sewed the side seams, shoulder seam, and attached all of the bindings, but did not do any topstitching or hemming.  I wanted to wait on those so that I could match the color of thread to the dyed fabric.

2-Then I took rubber bands and twisted them around the entire width of the dress every 4 or 5 inches. I just eyeballed it.  I used about 4-6 rubberbands for each section to make sure that they were bold stripes.  (hint - my rubberbands kept breaking and so I found if I twisted them three at a time they were stronger and wouldn't break, plus it went faster.)

3-Next I mixed my Navy Dylon Dye according to the directions and and let it soak in the dye for an hour stirring occasionally.

4-Then I rinsed it in cold water for about ten minutes and then carefully clipped all of the rubberbands off.  (the most exciting point).

5-Now time for the finishing touches.  I washed and dried my dress on warm and then finished stitching the bindings and hem with the matching thread.  



Today is the first day of MeMadeMay and I am excited to start it off with another version of the Scout Tee by Grainline Studio.  This time I used some Rayon Challis from

For MeMadeMay I will be wearing at least one sewn or upcycled garment every day.  I will be posting a recap every Friday of the previous week's outfits.