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Pattern: DIY Braided Bead Necklace by ECAB  

Textiles Used: I used size 8 seed forest green frosted beads from Tom Thumb  

The Good: I love the necklace.  I wouldn't say it's easy to construct, but after awhile you get the hang of it.  I plan on making another one and I think it would go a lot better.  

The Bad:  It is pretty hard to get the braid to not unravel and look good.  Lots of trial and error - but well worth it.  

Changes Made: I used 8 seed instead of 6 seed (larger).  In the future I would use 6 seed.  I think it just looks better to have the larger beads and I think the braid design stands out better.  Because I was using smaller beads I made 3 strands in each grouping instead of 2 strands in each.  

Things I would change next time: I would use larger beads.  I want to make one where the necklace is shorter and thicker - less chain more braid.  

Conclusion: I love my necklace.  Excellent tutorial and cheap to produce - about $10 total.  I would highly recommend this to others.

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  1. I just bought a ton of these same beads in red at the Robert's 75% off store closing sale. I am pumped to make this.